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FAQ's &

This information is meant to better help you understand what you can expect from each service booked.  Please utilise the chat feature to contact me with any questions or concerns not addressed here. 

Booking Multiple Pets 

How it Works 

  • If you have multiple pets you'd like to schedule for grooming, please click the BOOK NOW tab, choose your service, date & time for your first pet.  Please complete the required fields so I can assign that appointment to your specific pet.  You will receive a confirmation email once booked. 

  • Repeat the process for your second pet, choosing. your second appointment time to be consecutive to your first time slot selection.  Enter in the information for your second pet. A second confirmation email will be generated upon appointment approval.  

  • The contact form at the bottom of the website generates an email to me, and is intended for general inquiries and specialised quotes. It does NOT book appointments.  

  • OR... JUST TEXT ME! 913-378-3825

Mobile Grooming

  • Upon booking your service, you will receive a confirmation email.  The day before your appointment, I will email you an appointment reminder.    

How it Works 

  • Appointments not cancelled within 12 hours are subject to a $35 cancellation fee, which must be paid before services will be rendered in the future.  Payment is due at the completion of your pet(s') groom.

  • When I arrive, I will park in the drive, unless that is not an option.  In that case, I will park on the street.  If you have specific parking instructions, please provide in your confirmation text in advance. 

In-Home Pet Sitting 

How it Works 

  • After you submit your pet sitting request, you will receive a confirmation email.  I will contact you within 1 business day to set up the number of visits and times.  I need weeks notice, as I am a mobile groomer with standing appointments.   

  • We will set up a "Meet & Greet" also, 1-2 days prior to the scheduled service so your pets may get used to my new smell.  

  • At your Meet and Greet, I will collect full payment for the services to be rendered in advance to reserve your time slots.  

  • Then, each day, I will follow your instructions in your absence and text or email a report with a photo at the end of every visit, so you may rest assured that your pets and property are in good paws.  

  • Hopefully, you enjoy using me so much you leave a review, and I get to visit your babies again!


  • There are no refunds for Mobile Grooming Services.  I do my best to get a clear image of your expectations, prior to the groom.  My skill and time are valuable.  Every groom will be completed to the exact specifications requested by you.

What to Know 

  • Refunds are possible for unused pet visits.  They are offered as store credit to be used at a later date and are subject to availability. This credit should appear in your user portal. 

Specialty Cuts & Dyes 

Yeah, I do That. 

  • I DO offer specialty cuts, hair dying and all-over hand scissoring, but the cost varies per dog. If you are interested in making some magic with me, submit a request through the "Contact Us" section below and I'd be happy to discuss your dream, and provide a customised quote. 

  • These type of styles are all day affairs and aren't for a dog that is elderly, ill, or otherwise unhealthy. Please be mindful of your animal and its' limits. I have the right to deny specialty styles to animals that are deemed unfit to withstand the process.

Can I Watch?

  • Animals do not enjoy grooming - they tolerate it. Who is their favourite person? You. They behave in a different manner when they believe their owner is going to free them from an unpleasant experience.  This makes my job more difficult.

Sorry, No. 

  • My mobile grooming spa has a window! 

  • There ARE instances in which a pet parent MAY be of assistance - particularly keeping their pet calm while clipping their nails. If this is necessary, I will allow  your assistance. 

  • LIVE STREAM GROOMING coming 2024!! 

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