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Best Cat Sitter in Johnson County Kansas

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Your cat (or cats!) quickly become just as much a part of your family as children.

Most may contemplate on whether a dedicated cat sitting service is worth it and how to choose the right sitter. The good news is that Johnson County, Kansas is home to greatest cat sitting services in the mid-west, Furever Family Dog Care.

Why Use A Cat Sitting Service?

A professional cat sitter is distinctive in many ways from having a friend or family member come to care for your feline companion. While you may relish the fact that friends may help for free, the additional small fee to rely on a professional sitter is often worth it; an expert sitter has much more experience and knowledge than your friends may. We understand what makes a cat tick and what your furry friend needs in order to be happy and enriched.

If your cat needs medications or other specialized services, this is no problem for a professional sitter. And as much as you might love your friends and family, you can rest assured that a sitter will never forget to stop by or accidentally make other plans.

What To Look For In Your Cat Sitter

As you consider which cat sitter or service to pick for your feline family members, remember that properly caring for a cat is about more than just making sure the food and water bowls stay full.

First and foremost, choose someone with experience at Furever Family we have over 15 years of pet care experience.

Additionally, it is usually best to opt for someone who can dedicate more than a part-time commitment to this profession, we are a full-time professionals pet care company.

At Furever Family we play with and engage with your cat to keep their minds sharp and free from boredom in an empty home. Even if your cat is not a fan of strangers and runs off to hide whenever the sitter shows up, simple tasks like talking to them and staying in the room for a little while can fulfill that need for companionship and mental stimulation while you are gone.

Additional Perks

We perform other tasks that make your life much easier when you return. From cleaning up cat hair to giving the litter box a thorough clean right before you arrive back home, you can enjoy not having to immediately tackle a myriad of feline-related tasks as soon as you step through the door. Place packages within your home, turn on lights and even potentially take your trashcan to the curve on trash day. We also offer a host of enhancements during our services that we provide such as additional time for bonding and catnip.

All of which are amazing when you come back from an extended time away from your kitten, Book now with us at Furever Family Dog Care.

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