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What you should know when looking for a Great Dog Boarding Facility

While you are in the process of choosing a dog boarding option(s), there are several important topics to be considered. Do you want your pet to stay in your home, or do you want your pet to stay at a facility or with a sitter?

Ask to visit

When considering dog boarding, the best and most effective way to decide on a facility is to visit it in person. This process of elimination quickly weeds out the facilities that appear to be filthy or unprofessional. Important questions to ask include, “Are your playgroups supervised?” “How much time does my pet spend in his/her kennel?” and “Do you use community water bowls?” Any responsible pet owner almost instantly knows if the facility is clean and safe for their dog.

On Call Vet

Find out if there’s an on call vet available, for pet emergencies. Here at Bark Buddies our pet sitters use Blue Valley Animal Hospital as a 24 hour on call emergency medical provider located in Overland Park, Kansas just south of Oak Park Mall. Remember that all respectable boarding facilities has a strong professional relationship with local veterinary clinics in their area.

Special Services

When searching for a dog boarding facility, be sure to inquire about special services. At Bark Buddies, every boarding stay can be customized with treats, drop off and pick up, grooming, and extended walks. For an extra fee, Bark Buddies can pick up and drop off your pet in our pet taxi.

Health Requirements

Reputable facilities that offer dog boarding require vaccinations to be up to date. If you visit a facility that does not enforce a strict vaccination policy, there is a strong possibility of your pup catching a cold from playing with other unvaccinated dogs.

Staff Communication

Communication is key to quality customer service. This is the best way to anticipate the kind of service you can expect from a company. We use an app called Time to Pet, which enables our clients to have communication in real time with the Buddy providing the dog sitter services.

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