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Full Grooms 

A full groom includes a bath with premium shampoos, conditioner for select coats, a facial, a full blow out, paw pad, nail, and sanitary trim, as well as an all-over haircut, finished with precision hand-scissoring.  Full Grooms include a bandanna and a complimentary cologne spritz.  


Give your pets the very best to get them so fresh and so clean!!

Starting at 

Pink Gradient Circle


Starting at

Pink Gradient Circle


Starting at

Pink Gradient Circle


Starting at

Pink Gradient Circle


Starting at

Pink Gradient Circle


Up to 25 lbs

26-50 lbs 

51-85 lbs

86-100 lbs 

Up to 15 lbs 






Doodle Dis-Claimer


If a comb cannot pass through your pet's coat, it is likely matted.  Matts cannot be brushed out.  The process of de-matting utilises a tool made of razors, which is dangerous and limited to 30 minutes. Matts that cannot be broken must be shaved out.  

If your pet cannot be de-matted in less than 30 minutes, your pet's haircut will have to go significantly shorter.  The fee would still apply for time spent. This image depicts extreme matting, which required a pre-shave.

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