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Trimming the Fur

Mobile Grooming


Why spend all afternoon bathing, drying, and fluffing "Fluffy," when you can't get her as fluffy?

Each one of my services comes with a complimentary bandanna and a spritz of cologne. 

Having a Bath

Bath & Brush

  • Bath, Blow-Dry and Brush Out

  • Paw Pad Trim

  • Standard Nail Trim

  • Top of Feet Trim ​​

Combing the Fur


  • Bath, Blow-Dry and Brush Out

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Feet & Nail Trim

  • Face Trim

  • Tail Trim

Dog Getting Groomed

Full Groom

  • Bath, Blow-Dry and Brush Out

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Nail Trim 

  • Full Body Haircut

How it Works

  1. Go to BOOK NOW, choose your services and time slots, enter your pet and contact information, and request to book.  Prepayment is not required for grooming. 

  2. If your time slot is available, you will receive a confirmation booking. If not, you will be requested to choose another date or time.  

  3. The day before your appointment, you'll receive a text reminder. Please respond with a "Y" to confirm your appointment. This ensures I can properly plan my route to provide all my clients with the most timely service.  

  4. When I arrive, I will park in the drive, unless that is not an option.  In that case, I will park on the street.  If you have specific parking instructions, please provide in your confirmation text in advance. 

  5. Payment is due at the completion of your pet(s') groom.

  6. I accept Cash, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App.  

Scheduling Multiple Pets 

  •  Please schedule one appointment per pet.  If you'd like them done at the same visit, request your times consecutively, and specify the pets name & features in each appointment.    

What to Expect 

  • I bring everything I need to groom your dog; you only need to bring your dog out on a leash with a collar.  

  • I ask that you bring your dog to the vehicle so as to avoid any liability for flighty dogs.  

  • Some larger or older dogs may need our collective assistance loading into the mobile grooming salon.  

  • I'll notify you upon completion via text, at which time you may come to the vehicle to retrieve your freshly polished pup.

  • We will complete payment once the dog has been safely secured inside your residence.  

Humanity Over Vanity

It is my job as a groomer to provide the most hygienic, stylish groom, in the safest manner possible.  No dog enjoys grooming... they tolerate it.  Some tolerate it better than others, and you have to train your dog to tolerate it. 

If you choose me as your groomer, we will work together to find a style and routine that best fits your family's lifestyle, budget, and most of all, your pet! No fluffing around though, if you don't brush, we'll both know. 


There is nothing quite as comforting as a fluffy animal. 

Unfortunately, that floof requires a specific type of regular maintenance. This doodle belongs to a client who brushes regularly, yet still required a pre-shave. 

As your groomer, I will work with you to teach you the best grooming practices so together, we can keep that floof apoof.

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