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Nail Trimming

How Often Should I Trim?

If people get their pets groomed, most people do it every 4 to 6 weeks. That is too long to wait to clip your pet(s') nails - it should be ever 2 to 3 weeks, depending on a few of factors:

  1. How often does your dog go for walks on concrete? This process wears does the nail.

  2. How active is your pet? Does he/she run vigorously on a regular basis, causing the need for excessive traction - thus wearing down the nail.

  3. How old is your pet, and how long are the nails already? Allowing your pet(s') nails to grow too long in between clippings allows the vein to grow out, making it more difficult to cut them back. If they curl beneath the pad, they will not wear down.

Nail Grinding/Filing

Everyone calls it something different. Nail grinding uses the process of a Dremel to safely simulate the nail grinding action that comes natural to dogs as they walk on her surfaces. The benefit of this is ensuring that the vein, or quick, does not grow any longer.

Schedule a nail trim with me today!

For only $30, I will come to your home to clip and/or file your pet's nails. How easy is that?

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