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Spring break is almost here once again!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Are you looking forward to a much-needed spring break to ward off the winter blues, but what about precious Fido or Fluffy? If so, let us at Furever Family Dog Care help you with your pet sitting needs!

We come to YOU

We offer in home pet sitting so that your pets can stay in the comfort of their own homes while you’re away. This allows them to not feel anxious and to stick with routines that they are comfortable with. This also helps prevent you pets from developing harmful medical issues like kennel cough at boarding facility.

We BOND with your pets

Each and every visit that we make is approximately 30 minutes in length to ensure that your pets are getting some much needed attention, clients often book extended bonding time.

We can even dispense medications

Whether your pet needs pills, or shots, we can assist.

Our visits are personalized and customizable

We are happy to walk, play, feed, snuggle, change the liter box or whatever else you would like us to during our visits.

We offer a free meet/greet beforehand

We’ll set up a time to stop by and meet with you and your pet(s) before you leave. You can also rest assured that the same helper will come each and every time to your home while you’re away.

We’ll send you updates while you’re away

We can send updates and pictures with each visit. Providing and peace of mind while you are away!

If you would like to learn more about our pet sitting services and book a reservation call 913.378.3825 or BOOK NOW!

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