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Why is it a great idea to Leaving Your Cat With A Sitter When You're Traveling?

Not every animal is cut out for joining you on your trip

Whether you travel for work or leisure, it can be stressful to determine what to do with your pets while you are gone. Not every animal is cut out for joining you on your trip, and you may not have a close friend or family member available to stop by and check on them from time to time.

Here are some points to consider when selection what option is best for you and your family for pet care. Boarding Cats can be particularly stressful; instead, consider hiring a professional pet sitter. Will your cat receives Mental Stimulation and Exercise while you are away? Select an option that leaves you with the least amount of hassle when you return.

Moving a cat can be stressful for all parties

We all know of those humans who come into work with scratched up arms after wrangling their cat into a carrier.

Traditional boarding a cat can exposes them to an unfamiliar environment that can leave them stressed for days and even after they return home.

Pet illness

Many boarding locations will have them in cramped quarters on hard floors with little enrichment, and with other cats and dogs in the area, a boarder can be a hotspot for pet illness and nuisances like fleas. Even if your cat has received vaccinations, they may still pick up germs that could make them sick due to their extended exposure to other cats who are ill. While feline upper respiratory disease is one of the most common sicknesses your cat may come home with, do not forget that feline leukemia is a virus they may be exposed to as well, alongside feline immunodeficiency virus and the highly transmittable panleukopenia (often called distemper).

If you leave your cat with a sitter while you travel, you can be sure that they are not exposed to other sick animals and will remain safe and secure in your own home, where things are familiar.

Be Sure to Choose a Pet Sitter You Can Trust

If you have decided that a cat sitter may be a better choice than boarding your cat while you travel, be sure to choose sitters who are reliable and trustworthy. Showing up on time every time and completing your entire checklist of tasks are vital for a good pet sitter.

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